What's Happening

During the school year 2018-2019, our students have been learning coin recognition and values, determine wants versus needs and how to save money as a part of the MoneySmart Program. They have been practicing math skills while participating in life skill education. We are seeing improvement in math grades on report cards and observing development in the planning and communication skills of our students.

Student Success

One of our 10 year old female students has been working on school attendance and grades, as well as improving her behavior. Because of her achievements, she was rewarded with a scholarship to participate in Karate classes.

Another student is continually developing her art skills. When an opportunity came for her to attend a ZHS Art Club trip to New York City to visit 2 museums and a theater production, Lifewell Supporters from Euclid Avenue UMC stepped up with the funding to make it happen. The student also participated in school fundraisers to contribute to her trip. In addition to what she learned about the visual and performing arts, she was stretched in many ways in preparing for the trip. It was an exciting thing for her to travel to a strange place and take some responsibility for herself. She says that one of her favorite parts of the trip was touring St. Patrick’s Cathedral.